Website Development

At Kama`aina Technologies we offer services to create responsive designs and business solutions that are breathtaking and easy to use.  Our responsive design approach is focused on brand imaging and market response.  We want to produce an online presence that is common ground for branding and marketing alike, by creating the same space throughout all devices we are able to create a standardized platform for all users.  Mobile technology is here and businesses need to leverage this market, and by allowing a business website to be responsive we are able to reach out to all market segments to distribute high quality content.

A website is not just a container for information but a small online community and interactive space for businesses and users alike.  The introduction of social media platforms and socially mobile apps are allocating  significant amounts of time that users spend online.  By not only distributing information but collectively and dynamically communicating throughout these spaces businesses are able to find new customers and become informed about user decisions and interests.  Creating this online community may seem like a daunting task but we are here to make it easy and beautiful for both administrators and end-users.  Our latest development models have allowed us to create industry leading platforms that are focused on driving social and mobile traffic.

Development Process:

  • Idea Conception
  • Design Approval
  • Content Production
  • Website Beta Development
  • Social Platform Development
  • Website Integration and SEO
  • Platform approval
  • Website Release

By simplifying the development process we do the leg work for our clients in order to reduce client-side work.  We want our clients to focus on what they do best, their business.  By allowing clients to focus on their business during the development process day-to-day business is not affected.  Our focus is to make the process as simple as possible.  The perception that website and online development is hard is what we want to change.  Small companies do not need to spend large amounts of time or capital to create an industry leading solution for their online presence.  Kama`aina Technologies is here to help small and medium sized business’s enter the online space quickly and painlessly.  We work to simplify your IT life with simple website and social media development.

 Website Updating

A lot of companies already have a website but it has not been updated in years.  We believe that updating legacy websites does not need to be a huge under taking.  By creating a new and updated online image that is responsive and socially oriented is one of our specialties.  We see a legacy website as a huge plus for entering our development process.  For business’s that already have an online presence we are able to utilize and leverage the content that is already there and implement a new design that is updated with 21st century technology.  Content development is the largest hurdle for small business’s who want to create an online image.  Our content development process is easy and painless as we focus on the basics of our client business.  By utilizing content that is already produced we work to streamline content and update it to accommodate the latest standards in Search Engine Optimization.

Web Updating Process

  • Design Update Conception
  • Design approval
  • Content Update
  • Website Beta Development
  • Website SEO
  • New Website Release

IT Hardware Implementation

Kama`aina Technologies does not only focus on online platform development but we also work with small and medium sized business’s to update IT infrastructure and IT architecture development.  Business operations with technology is here and utilizing platforms that increase productivity and workplace communication are at the forefront of Fortune 500 companies.  Technology costs are plummeting and technology for your business is attainable at all levels.  Server infrastructure is easy to use and install for all business platforms.  Tracking of materials and production line environments is simple and cost effective.  Technology should be at the forefront of all business development and tracking.  We can create cost-effective solutions for your business.  Mobile integration and bring your own devices can be a simple way to increase daily productivity with all employees.  By allowing employees to utilize their own devices to drive business productivity is where Fortune 500 companies are going and this BYOD model can be implemented at all levels.  Huge network infrastructures are no longer required for users to be productive when they are not in the office.  Simple mobile integration is easy with small network infrastructure and online integration.

Developing an online platform that works to drive day-to-day revenue is a focus for Kama`aina Technologies.  We want to leverage the online platform business integration space for all business’s that require tracking for basic business functions and operations.  Online tracking allows for business’s to drive bottom-line revenue when employees are in the field and are able to connect to the office securely.   Business data security is important for all parties involved and by utilizing the latest VPN and secure data practices we are able to offer high levels of security to small business’s at reasonable pricing.

Network Architecture Development

Our focus on updating existing network infrastructure allows our clients to connect from off-site through secure encrypted data channels that have become cost-effective.  By implementing industry leading technology and hardware companies can feel safe that their server data is secure behind strong firewalls and VPN site-to-site connections.  Data integrity and security are at the forefront of our network designs.  By creating stable and high-speed networks we are able to secure critical data and server connections for employees to drive bottom-line revenue.  IT infrastructure is based on the network backbone and by streamlining network operations, all IT infrastructure is able to efficiently and effectively operate at all levels with high-security minded practices.

We work to create solutions that are easily maintained and operated on a daily basis.  For critical data security we utilize industry leading practices with secure data encryption and redundancy through network storage practices.  Off-site data storage is imperative to data security and integrity and is usually required for insurance compliance.  We work with our clients to work with all compliance rules for each industry they participate in.  IT security is important to us and our clients and we want to hold high security levels by simplifying IT for all users.