Online Reputation Branding

All companies need to utilize the internet as an online branding outlet because it is the cheapest form of marketing there is today.  The cost to build, host, and maintain an online presence has dropped dramatically in the last few years and for all companies this presence can be indispensable.  Customers look online everyday for reputable companies in all industries and companies that are not online usually get thrown to the bottom of the list and sometimes are never revisited because of it.  There are a hand full of rating companies in the market today that build their business on allowing users to rate their services and products.  Yelp has grown to be one of the largest players in this arena and has built its reputation on user reviews that are very revealing, but also very helpful to most companies.  Popular companies on yelp can gain huge advantages over competitors if their reviews are strong and their services are top-notch.  Customers are the best way to get more customers in the door.  Utilizing this friend to friend method companies are able to communicate indirectly to new customers without doing any work.

By utilizing these social media outlets companies are effectively increasing their overall customer base and getting more customers in the door without having to utilize gorilla marketing tactics or high-dollar advertising.  Maintaining a positive online reputation can build a large customer base and create a strong customer loyalty program that is unrivaled in cost effectiveness.