About Us

Kama’aina Technologies was founded with the focus to build and support websites throughout Hawai’i and especially on Kaua’i. We want to bring back the knowledge we have gained from experience and higher education to help local businesses grow and develop.  We are working to create industry leading business solutions for online and office technology.  Hawai’i business’s are growing to become world players in all industries, but in order to leverage a world market technology must be at the forefront of all business operations.  By developing solutions for business’s to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs of legacy products we can drive bottom line profitability.

Our company roots were started on Kaua’i where Cody Navarro and Eric Fune began to develop online solutions in a time when the internet was just beginning to stretch its legs.  We began taking Advanced Technology and computer driven classes while in middle school.   Our passion for technology has taken us to new heights in online platform and software development.  After graduating college we both refocused our talent towards web development for small business and blogging platforms.  In both realms we have had great success with our creative implementations and platform stability solutions.  We continue to innovate and develop industry leading websites and online software for an ever changing technology market.

Cody Navarro is driven by a detail oriented personality and logical thinking.  By keeping a keen eye on every minute detail he has been able to create software platforms that are leading the wave in internet technology in Hawai’i.  Cody enjoys working with small business owners to educate and inform them of all the opportunities that technology and the internet have to offer.  He has worked with numerous large corporations to develop marketing platforms that have become very successful through lead generation and advertising CPC sales.  Throughout his career as a technology entrepreneur Cody has had the opportunities to travel and attend numerous tech conferences that have allowed him to gain practical knowledge of industry implementations and software deployment.  With a background in technology management and operations he brings his practical leadership and determination for success to every project.  He never misses an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs grow with technology.